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Thats easy! Our membership is a yearly subscription to get discounted pricing on a majority of our products. A breakdown of the benefits will be included below. The membership is good for one year from the date of signup and can not be canceled early. Only one membership is required for each physical address or apartment, families that shop together will save together.

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$10 OFF all firearm transfers (Online Purchase's, Private Sales)

10% OFF all Firearms in stock on our site

10% OFF Optics in stock on our site

5% OFF Ammunition

5% OFF Accessories, Flashlights, and Slings

5% OFF Knives & Survival Gear

Member Only Sales and Raffles

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Our EA Membership has a lot to offer, even more savings with the more you purchase. Currently the 2023-2024 EA Membership Fee is $400.00 annually, while being limited to the first 400 customers who sign up. If you are interested, please make an account through our website and select the membership option in our online store. Shortly after you are signed up the account will reflect the items pricing change to the memberships pricing.

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